Friday, July 2, 2010

It's Been HOW Long?

Well. All I can say is, between a few unexpected medical issues (one of which required an overnight stay in the hospital which OF COURSE happened when my husband was out of town and yes, thank you, I'm totally fine), a kitchen fire that totally destroyed the microwave and proved just how wonderful firefighters truly are, the typical end of school chaos, the four days devoted to dance recital, the start of swim team, the demand of the 15-year-old to be sent to an early-entrance college program, and an unexpected flurry of extremely quick-turnaround writing projects (note to Universe: I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE WORK. PLEASE SEND MORE AS IT SEEMS I MIGHT BE PAYING COLLEGE TUITION THREE YEARS EARLY, ALSO THE CAR NEEDS A LOT OF WORK, AND DID I MENTION THE HOSPITAL BILLS?), it has indeed been three months since I've posted. And we are heading into the middle part of summer, even if this morning it was 52 degrees and raining at swim team practice. 

So anyway, hi to all you wonderful blog readers, and when I think of something profound to write, I will. Until then, be happy that your life is not such that one of your brothers thoughtfully offered to set fire to a kitchen appliance in your honor.


  1. Dear Mrs. Ditter,

    Glad your hospital stay was short and that you're alright!

    Happy that your entire house didn't go up in smoke and that the local firefighters were on their game!

    Excited for you that your daughter is advancing so quickly in her education...I can tell she takes after her Mama!!!

    Grateful to hear that work has picked up for you in a time when it sounds like the extra income will come in very handy!

    Lastly, it's so nice to have you back blogging... I've missed you!

  2. Thanks, Maisy. I've missed blogging!

  3. Hi well I am glad to see that I wasn't alone in my blogging break. Hope you think of something profound soon. I miss your take on life.

  4. Holy mackerel, Mrs. D! That's quite a set of events. we are clearly long overdue for dinner and a catch up! Hope you're feeling well now, and am fascinated to learn about the 15 y/o and the early entrance program. what's up with that?! I guess I should stop complaining that my almost-15 y/o is making lists of colleges and perusing websites. Anyhoo, glad you have work, glad the house didn't burn down, glad your health adventure wasn't too serious, and glad to see you back online!

  5. Mrs. Ditter,

    Without revealing that which ought not to be revealed (the privacy of children, you know), can you shed any light at all on what you consider the appropriate parental response to a young person who demands the sort of thing to which youu refer, above?

    I have heard similar demands, including what I consider the premature, "I think I'll rent an apartment over on Hancock Street," and the surprising, "I want to borrow some money." "What for?" "To send to a microlending web site, for a man who has a sewing business, supports his nieces and nephews and needs two new sewing machines."

    The apartment, of course, costs over $1,000 a month; the loan was for $100.

    I await your wisdom.

  6. Dear Anonymous, above: Privacy, schmivacy. I sometimes feel that for all the shrieking and yelling and emotional angst that comes with parenting, we should be allowed to drag our children's wacky behaviors out for all to see. However, in my saner moments, I realize that would just make things worse.
    So, anyway, what to do about children who demand things we might not feel ready or willing to provide? I think I'll turn this into a blog post in the next day or so (currently on crazy deadline with actual paying work). Although I have to say the $100 for the microlending site? Brilliant. Make it her birthday present.